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JC’s Bar has a history that goes back to 1968 when owners Lloyd and Clara Borkman remodeled the restaurant and founded The Brand Room, creating a popular meeting place for all the local ranchers. To inaugurate the bar, the Borkmans invited the ranchers to a party where they could bring in their irons and mark their brands on the specially designated beams for posterity. 

Brothers Restaurant at the Red Barn has preserved and restored the branded beams, which showcase over 175 ranches, many of which are long gone. Some have survived the years, including the Chamberlin Ranch. 

JC’s Bar, named for long time Brothers friend and Bar Manager JC Carricaburu, continues Matt and Jeff Nichols’ tradition of celebrating the bar as a casual gathering place for eating, drinking and socializing.

JC’s Bar offers a bar menu of Brothers’ favorites and snacks throughout the day and will reprise the fan favorite Filet Mignon Taco Thursdays when operations settle in.

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